Umarex Legends MP MP40 German BLACK CO2 4.5mm BB
[Umarex Legends MP]
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Umarex Legends MP MP40 German BLACK CO2 4.5mm BB

Umarex Legends MP MP40 German model - 4.5mm BB

The Legends MP from Umarex is based on the classic rifle as used by German forces during the second world war and has been perfectly replicated by Umarex in this air rifle format so you too can own a classic piece of history.

The frame and exterior rifle is made from real metal for a solid and heavy weight, with plastic to the pistol grip and fore stock for comfortable texturing and a solid grip.

The rear shoulder stock section is all made from metal and folds in to the rifle so it can either be shot carbine or full length.

The drop out magazine holds 2 x 12g capsules as well as 50 x 4.5mm BBs for an amazing shooting experience.

This coupled with the blow back effect and sound makes it a very life like replica and perfect for the collector.

Available in either a matt black finish, or the Legacy Model which comes with realistic weathering to make it look as though its just come back off the battlefield.

Caliber - 4.5 mm BB
 Magazine Capacity - 50 shots
 Shoots per 2 Capsules - approx 200
 Trigger - Single-Action
 Length - 830 mm
 Weight- 3.5 kg