ASG .177 (4.5mm) Pellet 12g Co2 Revolver 2.5" Rifled Barrel Air Pistol - Silver Dan Wesson 715 (6 shot pellet)
[2-5 Dan Wesson 715]

ASG .177 (4.5mm) Pellet 12g Co2 Revolver 2.5" Rifled Barrel Air Pistol - Silver Dan Wesson 715 (6 shot pellet)

Full Metal Construction with Black Hogue Grips - with Speed Loader

This revolver is the next generation on from the standard Dan Wesson rifled barrelled revolvers.

It is designed on the Dan Wesson Model 715 .357 Magnum.

It has Hogue grips that are a big improvement than the standard plastic grips that you got previously.

The shells / cartridges where you load the pellet into is no longer a crew cap that takes far too long to load but instead all you need to do is push the pellet into the rubberized part at the back of the shell to load, you don't even need to take the shell / cartridges out of the cylinder any more, saving you even more time.

The Safety is just behind the hammer so it no longer matters if your right of left handed, you can put the revolver on safe straight away without hesitation.

Comes with 1x speed loader and 6 shells only.

MAX velocity is 2 joules, 110 m/s (361fps), using a 0.35g pellet

Length - 210 mm

Weight - 880 grams

Calibre - .177 lead pellets

Capacity - 6 shells / cartridges

Material - Metal & Rubber Grips