RWS meisterkugeln Pellet (heavy) .91gms - 14.0 grain .22 (5.50mm) flat head air rifle pellets, recommended for air rifles
[RWS meisterkugeln 22]

RWS meisterkugeln Pellet (heavy) .91gms - 14.0 grain .22 (5.50mm) flat head air rifle pellets,  recommended for air rifles

RWS meisterkugeln Pellet (heavy) - recommended for air rifles.

Spotless surface finish.

Protection from oxidation for long-term storage.

All RWS pellets are made according to the strictest standards, utilizing opto-electronic scanning to insure uniform weights and measurement.

Caliber: .22 - 5.5mm
Weight: 14.0 gr - .91gms
Quantity: 500